Project Highlights

A brief look at some of our projects carried out in various capacities


Digitization of Health Declaration Forms and Manufacture of the AI Binocular Thermometer Reader

HDPI partnered with the GHS to convert paper-based HDF to electronic format so as to eliminate paper contacts, speed up the arrival processes at the port and make it easy to identify travelers with COVID-19 for contact tracing.



HDPi deployed an Intelligent AI binocular thermal imaging system at the Kotoka International Airport – in Ghana to augment the digitized Health Declaration Form (HDF).


Ending Period Poverty in Africa

Tackling the issue of “period poverty” in a holistic manner through menstrual hygiene education and distribution of innovative sanitary products to school girls in deprived communities and also to vulnerable women.

Mrs Chief Teaching the community how to use the period panties


Food and Relief Donation

Donation of food and relief items to women in Angosekokpe in the Greater Accra region

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