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An organization focused on the development and implementation of Sustainable Solutions for a myriad of developmental issues.

About HDPi and What We Do

Health and Development Planners International (HDPi) is the first spin off company of the Sustainable Development Policy Centre that specializes in consultancy work focusing on the development and implementation of Sustainable Solutions for a myriad of developmental issues.

These issues range from ICT, health and safety, education, environmental, agricultural, sanitation, youth and gender, social inclusion, women empowerment, protection of poor and vulnerable populations leveraging on cutting-edge ICT systems and solutions.

The organization is founded on the initiative of two university professors and four researchers in Ghana.

It leverages more than ten years of experience in the field of ICT, agriculture, community health and empowerment, education, youth and women empowerment, and environmental management. The organization is led by its Chief Executive Officer, Chief Nathaniel Ebo Nsarko (Ph.D.) the co-founder.


On behalf of the people of Africa, HD planners International stands for the collective development of the African Continent with the active involvement of all and sundry; demonstrating our democratic values and commitment to the sustainable development goals for an industrious, peaceful, and prosperous continent. In support of Sustainable Growth and Development, HD Planners International leads the continent’s real commitment and efforts towards the realization of the Sustainable Development Goals in a more contextualized way in Africa through partnerships, a System strengthening approach, and investments that thrive on technological advancements to save lives, reduce poverty, promote local economic growth, good governance, and help people to progress in a more sustainable manner beyond assistance.

Core Values

As always, it is evident that experience trumps education. We pride ourselves on our experience and expertise in social inclusion and sustainable development in Africa. Our values thrive on Compassion, Innovation, Excellence, Integrity, Trust, Respect, Empowerment, Commitment, and Knowledge sharing.


Our objective is to support our partners to empower them to drive their own development journeys in a more sustainable and self-reliant manner.  We make progress toward this by mobilizing the community for action through self-help initiatives and the promotion of tailor-specific ICT interventions; reducing inequalities and encouraging knowledge sharing efforts in the process. We stand with our partners as drivers of local economic growth and sustainable development in Africa.


We work in partnership with our target group with zeal and enthusiasm to advance the sustainable development and foster human dignity on the continent


Our Social innovation efforts and impact leverages ICT and reconcile it with local efforts, bringing economic growth and social value at the same time. Our innovative responses to unsolved social problems and needs are unparalleled on the continent.


We seek meaningful results and strive for efficiency and effectiveness. We continually aspire to improve our operations to maximize our impact. We pride ourselves on our collective achievements.


We build relationships in trust and operate in honesty, transparency, and accountability to maintain high moral standards.

Social Trust

Our social trust is based on the cultural values of our target group and refers to our efforts at winning their confidence and trust in the developmental agenda.


We recognize and acknowledge the strength in diversity and demonstrate a high level of respect for our partners, and the people we serve in the respective communities. We value all people equally and consistently demonstrate professionalism and respect in our communications and in our behavior.


We seek to ensure that all voices are heard through the elevation of all voices striving for economic, environmental, and social progress.


We foster equality, value our differences and draw strength from diversity. We value every member of our target group and support programs that engage people across societies and benefit whole communities and countries.

Commitment to Knowledge Transfer and Learning

We design and assess our projects with the mindset towards constant professional development and seek to improve ourselves and our work continually through reflection and evaluation.

Our Mode of Operation

Health and Development Planners International (HDPi) plans and implements its interventions by harnessing its vast experience and know-how and based on a vast network of Technical-Scientific, Technological proficiency developed within the scope of Local Involvement, Sustainability and capable of providing qualified interdisciplinary solutions and services to deal with the complex issues of human development in a sustainable manner.

HDPi ICT Interventions

We make a difference in the lives of people, using technology and innovation to improve the ease of life in our communities. This is who we are, this is what we do. 

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